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Pursuit Broker Services - for Credit Reps that want to operate their way

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Pursuit Broker Services - for Credit Reps that want to operate their way

As you may have read recently, Pursuit Broker Services is an innovative new approach to the Credit Representative structure in which reps are able to run their business with a similar level of autonomy and independence as a Licensee. Below are a number of common queries that we have received about our model, and what it could mean for you as a credit rep.

'Off panel specialists' / No lender-panel

Pursuit Broker Services is the ONLY Licensee whose representatives are not tied to any particular lender panel, so our reps are able to access the excellent lender panels of their aggregators, whilst also being able to apply for direct accreditation for particular 'niche' lenders - have your cake and eat it too!

An ACL for non brokers

Pursuit Broker Services is not only an ideal solution for brokers who want to be able to operate outside of the 'normal' Licensee model. Our service also caters to businesses that require authorisation to complete credit activities other than credit assistance, such as referral businesses.

Be supported by the top provider of NCCP compliance solutions in Australia

As a part of the QED Group, Pursuit Broker Services is able to provide its brokers with unparalleled compliance support, including on demand access to dedicated compliance staff and the industry recognised CompliFast program.

Be a Credit Representative with no commission splits

A core philosophy behind how Pursuit Broker Services operates is that you should be able to operate your business the way you want and be provided the compliance support to do this. A large part of this philosophy, is that how your commissions are split should be between you and your aggregator - not your Licensee.

No Restrictions on Commercial Lending

Commercial business is your business, whilst as a Licensee we provide full support to our reps, we do not believe in interfering with non-NCCP business you write.

What's next?

Here at Pursuit Broker Services, we're always happy to answer your questions and see if Pursuit would be the right fit for you. Please give our team a call on 1300 817 662 Option 3 for an obligation-free chat on what Pursuit Broker Services can do for you.

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